Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two Months of SeedaNeed

So in a few days SeedaNeed will have been going strong for two whole months. We have had record setting success and continue to pursue our vision "Affecting Millions one Seed at a Time".

In the past two months we have sent out SeedaNeed good deed cards to 45 states and 3 countries. We have over 500 people wearing SeedaNeed tshirts, we have drove 5,000 miles running SeedaNeed errands, we have worked with 20 churches, 2 nationwide organizations, 2 corporations, twittered countless twitters. We have designed 3 tshirts to spread the word, wrist bands, posters, and flyer's. We have organized a paintball tournament, a Easter Egg hunt, and a Toy Drive. If this isn't success at two months then what is?

SeedaNeed is here for the long haul, it is our goal to see lives changed. We want to bring an awareness that good things change people. We are going to vocalize those changed lives. We are going to be the megaphone to millions of people that are going to have life changing experiences. We are going to distribute more SeedaNeed cards, more tshirts, more wrist bands... to make sure people remember its a daily activity.

Join us today ... Order your Free SeedaNeed card, do something nice, and pass it along... watch as lives are changed!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What have we done!?

Everyone is wanting to know what we have done in the past few weeks launching the site. Thought we would give a little rundown of what has happened and throw out some ideas of what is to come and maybe you can help or give us some ideas.
We passed out 5k in seedaneed cards and chapstick at the cardinals opening day game! It was so cool to get to talk to people and see responses on faces... what its free?

We also got the opertunity to give away cards at Arbys in wentzville. In the time that we where there we paid for 20 lunches and got to work with the radio station y98!

We also got to do a giveaway for US Veterans at Century Dodge... we did 25 free oil changes for US Veterans.

We also got to give out some cards at the University of Missouri.

The most rewarding for us was the Easter Egg hunt we did out a local childrens home in st Louis.

PLEASE TELL US ABOUT THE THINGS YOU HAVE DONE OR WANT TO DO! Help others get inspired to start seeding needs!


The site has officially been launched for almost 2 weeks. We have already had so much response ... so many ideas... and so many people wanting to help. One of the things that we have really noticed is that everyone has a story to tell even more than there card posts.


Tell us some of the things you have done in the past... Give people ideas on good deeds that they can do...

Thursday, April 2, 2009


  • April 7th TBD
  • April 8th TBD
  • Apirl 9th University of Missouri
  • April 10th Blues Game

Be there for fun prizes and join us in doing Good Deeds St Louis Wide!

SeedANeed has been launched so spread the good news!

SeedANeed is not a charity or institution looking to raise funds or accept contributions. It is a cause... A cause that anyone can participate in. A cause looking for individuals who are not seeking out popularity or crediblity but rather someone looking to make history... a history of changing lives. The only credit goes to God.
It doesn't matter how big or how small your act of kindness is, it could be the start of a string of good deeds that could eventually touch the lives of millions of other people. So get a card, think of a deed and go out and Seed A Need!